Struck by Lightening

Station House, Telegraph Office, and Store House Destroyed

A fire occurred at Visalia, known as Canton Station, 18 miles out on the Kentucky Central R. R. this morning at 3 o'clock. During the storm electricity passed into the freight depot and telegraph office at Visalia on the telegraph wire and set fire to the building, entirely consuming the depot and telegraph office, and the store house connected to the depot building, with all of the contents of the building.  The building belonged to the railroad company,, on which there was no insurance.  The stock of assorted goods, dry goods, groceries, hardware, etc., etc. belonged to Mr. F. P. Caldwell, and was valued $1,500.  Mr. Caldwell's insurance ran out only a few days ago, and not being renewed, the loss falls entirely on him.  Mr. J. J. Caldwell lost about $250 in personal property.  The electric fire was seen to enter the building by a man on the opposite side of the Licking river, but not having means of crossing could render no assistance.  The inhabitants of the village were awakened too late to do any good.  The loss of Mr. F. P. Caldwell, a worthy and popular merchant, and post-master at that point, is the most serious of all, as most of his means was invested in the stock of his store.


from the Covington Journal, June 15, 1882