Wes Wilson


This is a sketch of my great great grandfather Wesley Berry Wilson (taken from the Kentucky Post), who was the Kenton County Clerk for a few terms beginning in 1890. Prior to that, he had represented the district in the State Senate and served as Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court. Wesley's grandparents, Aquilla and Mary Wilson, came to Kentucky from Virginia about 1820 and owned most of the land along Madison Pike from Shaw Road down to Rt. 16 and over to Wilson Road, which was named after the family.

Wes' son L.B. Wilson was a prominent Covington businessman, operating several movie theaters and NKY's first radio station, WCKY. Wes' daughter Grace married Maurice Galvin, a prominent NKY lawyer who had great political influence. Wes' son Earl was a quarterback for Navy. He suffered a severe neck injury in a game against Villanova and died several months later. Wes' son Hansford was an actor on Broadway. Hansford and L.B. performed as a vaudeville act in Covington in their youth.



Thanks to Jason McDaniel for this info.