An email from Woody Burkey

I have attached the drawings of the mother and sister of Robert W. Wilson. 

I found these drawings on microfilm of the Kentucky Post, August 24,
1897 (Covington Library). I "Photoshopped out" the scratches;. The
church that these ladies worked so hard to establish eventually became
the Independence Christian Church.

The women pictured are:

 (1) Rachel Clark Jones 1827 - 1908, wife of Wm. Peter Jones 1825-1873 School Teacher, Robert Weldon Jones was her seventh of eight children.

(2) Mrs L. C. Wilson, a.k.a. Lydia Bell Jones 1863 - 1943 sister of
Robert Weldon Jones. Wife of Lewis N. Wilson of Kenton County

(3) Mrs George W. Dunlap, a.k.a. Mrs Ella Wright Dunlap 1857 - 1905. The Dunlaps operated private academy in Independence, Ky from 1894 to 1898.  G. W. Dunlap was an attorney, professor of Latin, evangelist and
Presbyterian Minister.

(4) Mrs. D. C. Wilson, a.k.a. Ella Stephens 1853 - 1941 wife of Dewitt
C.Wilson of Independence.

I also included two likenesses of Rev Geo. W. Dunlap, and some other
Dunlap stuff. I am kind of fascinated by Dunlap. He did things like
shipping barrels of sea shells from Sanibel Island, Lee County Florida
to these ladies to sell in Independence Ky to raise money for the
church. He collected relief supplies for the Thomas Hughes English
Colonists of Rugby Tennessee. His wife died in New Mexico in 1905. On
February 10, 1908, age 59 he married Mrs. Katharine Moore, age 34 in New Mexico. Between February 1906 and October 1907 he performed 15 weddings in Las Cruces, NM.

But I digress......
It would be nice if we could identify that cabin or some of those people
in the photographs.

James W. Burkey (Woody)