Bank of Maysville

Bank of Maysville Viola Lee Wood landed here in January, 1926, and has been on duty ever since.  Faithful and efficient service has proven her ability.  Works hard – talks little – thinks much.  Loses her temper once in a while but no one pays any heed to that.  Has been almost married three times, and still has hopes.  Popular in a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.  
Bank of Maysville Elizabeth Wright, the youngest member of the force, strolled along in February, 1927.  Noted for her speed and accuracy.  Has red hair and doesn’t care who knows it. Wears a smile that won’t come off, and her sunny disposition puts a silver lining to the darkest cloud.  Popular with the younger crowd and has matrimonial ambitions.  
Bank of Maysville Irene Willett Russell parked here in April 1927.  Has had years ? ? ? of experience in bookkeeping. Always in a hurry, and makes few mistakes.  Her favorite letter of the alphabet is “C” as demonstrated by her fondness for candy, chewing gum, coco-cola and Chris.  A happy-go-lucky girl that puts the sun in sunshine on a Saturday before Christmas.  
Bank of Maysville Elizabeth Lee Peed arrived here August, 1918, and just stayed.  A friendly gal with lots of friends, she knows her work and does it well.  Has a knack of finding out what she wants to know without telling you anything.  A quick thinker and likes to talk.  We just can’t get along with or without her. 
Bank of Maysville Simon C. Clarkson came with us in October, 1908, and has twenty-one years of banking experience and faithful service to his credit.  Knows everyone in the Ninth Congressional District and everyone knows him.  A real dirt farmer and a staunch believer in the moon – he plants his crops by moonlight – cultivates by moonlight – and harvests by moonlight.  Likes Camel cigarettes, but just can’t refuse a free carton of Lucky Strikes.  His ambition in life is to do two days work in one and strike a balance. 
Bank of Maysville Finnell W. Galloway hails from Paris, Kentucky, and landed here in August, 1927. Has twelve years of banking experience to his credit with the People Deposit Bank and Trust Co., of Paris, Ky. An ex-service man and a good fellow to know. Has made many friends since coming here. If he sees you once he will know you again. Raises the largest garden in town for home consumption. 
Bank of Maysville Sam H. Lee united with the force in September, 1926, as manager of the Thrift Department.  With eleven years of teaching experience in the Mason County Schools, he was familiar with the Thrift work being carried on in our schools of the City and County.  Under his supervision, the Thrift Department, which includes savings and Christmas savings has grown until it is a very important part of the bank.  He was here six months before he knew how to get his own money out of the bank.    
Bank of Maysville Thomas J. Pickett, or T.J., joined the force in December, 1922.  Being the only single one of the male employees, he has to be on his guard, but even at that he finds time to do a lot of work.  With a cheerful disposition and decided ability we predict for him a right future.  Likes to cook and play golf.  Head mechanic for the force, and can tear down any machine here from the Burroughs posting to the thermometer.  



from the April 9, 1910 edition of Maysville's Public Ledger. 
They called it “Out Industrial Edition.”