Hundredth Birthday

At Mentor, Ky., George Washington Creekbaum, who is the oldest surviving citizen of Dover, Ky., yesterday celebrated his 100th birthday.

The occasion was made a gala day at the little station on the C. and O. and hundreds of his neighbors gathered at the aged man's home to tender their congratulations.

He was the son of John and Rebecca (Cahall) Creekbaum and was born in Ohio on June 11th, 1808.  John Creekbaum, his father, built a log house on lot No. 1 in Dover in May, 1818, when the family first settled in Dover.  Arthur Fox, Jr., gave Mr. Creekbaum the first lot in the newly laid out town for making a clearing so that a dinner could be spread for the crowd that was present.

George W. Creekbaum, although now in his 101st year, is still hale and hearty, is very active and has remarkable good eyesight.  He resides with his children at Mentor.  His son, T. C. Creekbaum, resides on Front street in Dover within 100 feet of where John Creekbaum built his log house in 1818.  Ralph, another son, makes his home with his father.  Mr. Creekbaum resided in Dover from 1818 until 1880, about 62 years.


from Maysville's Daily Public Ledger, June 12, 1908