Dover Fires

“A destructive fire occurred at Dover, Ky., consuming about one-fourth of the town.  The loss is estimated at $40,000.” from the New York Times, April 18, 1854

“The town of Dover, Ky., was laid in ashes on Thursday.  The two principal business squares were consumed - 4 large tobacco warehouses, filled with the weed, seven stores and five grocery establishments.  The fire commenced about 10 A. M., and raged until 4 P.M.  The loss is estimated at $100,000.  Dover had about 700 inhabitants, and is some twelve miles below Maysville, on the Ohio river.  Only a few dwellings in the place were saved.” from the Perrysburg [Ohio] Journal, April 22, 1854, reprinting an article from Cleveland Leader

And four years later, this:

 “W. E. Tabb & Company's flouring mill at Dover, Ky., was burned Friday.  There were 18,000 bushels of wheat and 800 barrels of flour in the mill.  The upper floor gave way under the great weight and fell upon the boilers when the fire ignited,  Loss $40,000.  Insured $10,000 on the mill, and $6,000on stock.”  from the Cleveland Morning Leader, October 26,1858