1907 Train Wreck


Coach Hurled Down Bank

Women Killed and Eighteen Persons Hurt in Train Wreck

Observation Car Catches on Piece of Track and Goes Over Fifty-foot Embankment

Maysville, Ky., May 22. -- The observation car of a Chesapeake and Ohio train which left Cincinnati for the East at noon today was thrown down a fifty-foot bank at the approach of Lawrence Creek, killing MRS. MARY HALSEY, of Milwaukee, and injuring the eighteen other occupants of the car. The forward end of the train caught on a piece of track west of the bridge, throwing the observation car from the track. The derailed car ran along the ties about 100 feet, then went over the bank, rolling over and crushing itself.
MRS. LAZARRE, of St. Louis, had both legs and an arm broken, and she may die.
The others injured include:
F. K. SMITH, Pittsburg, shoulder broken and head cut.
MRS. KATE WOOLSEY, Covington, lacerated scalp.
Judge L. W. HALSEY, Milwaukee, head severely cut.
MRS. PHERICO, Pikesville, Ky., back broken.
GEORGE STEVENS, Cincinnati, dislocated shoulder.
J. D. PARTOLD, JR., Baltimore, right shoulder dislocated.
MRS. BURKE, Ashland, two ribs broken.
MRS. VAN VALKENBERG, Huntsville, Ala., head cut.
D. P. DAVIS, Cincinnati, superintendent of mails of Chesapeake and Ohio, head and arm cut.
ROBERT J. ALLEN, Richmond, Va., porter, cut on head.
The injured were brought to the St. Charles Hotel, where they were attended by Maysville physicians. Judge HALSEY'S wife is the first passenger that has ever been killed on this division of the Chesapeake and Ohio.
MRS. HALSEY was terribly cut by broken glass. A piece of plate glass as large as a dollar was taken from her head, while her body was peppered with glass.



Washington Post, May 23, 1907