Maysville, 1910

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Drugstore Contained City's First Elevator

Bank of Maysville Successfully Conducted

One of the most honored industries in Maysville is the Maysville Cotton Mills, established by January & Wood in 1850.  The vicissitudes of time and trade have been overcome, and the business till stands, a strong evidence to the thrift, carefulness and talent so esteemed in the business community.  In January 1888 the firm became a corporation under the laws of Kentucky and is now known as The January and Wood Company, with A. M. J. Cochran as president and R. A. Cochran as secretary.  No firm in Maysville has done more to advertise the city around than the Maysville Cotton Mills, for parts of their product are shipped into all quarters of this continent.

They are manufacturers of carpet warp, twine, clothes lines, staging, trotlines, etc.; the main features of their business is carpet warp.  They are pioneers in the manufacture of carpet warp, it having been a leading product with the company for over 50 years. Their "Maysville" brand of carpet warp is widely known throughout the country as one of the best on the market.

The company uses about 70 bales of cotton a week and gives employment to 150 people.  The plant is modernly equipped, as new machinery has been installed during the past five years.  The company sells their product through Cliver, Wright, & Rainey of Cincinnati and Louisville.

It can readily be seen of what importance an industry of this kind is to Maysville, for employing as many hands as they do, the payroll is of necessity a large one and practically every dollar received in wages is expended with the home merchants.

Point-Au-View Farm

About one mile from the C&O Station in Maysville is located the beautiful and picturesque Point-Au-View Farm, the property of Langhorne Tabb Anderson.  This stock farm is one of eminence among the Kentucky hills and commands a most beautiful view of the Ohio River, bordered on either side with the states of Ohio and Kentucky.  This farm is of 210 acres on which are the substantial residence and stables of the owner.  Certainly no more beautiful or suitable place could be imagined, and no finer horses are bred in Kentucky than are produced at the Point-Au-View Farm.

Langhorne Tabb Anderson was born in Dover, Marion [sic - Mason?] County, Kentucky, and from boyhood has been interested in horses and made a study of them.  He raises fine horses of every kind, such as saddle horses, coach horses, roadsters, etc., and also Shetland ponies.  These horses are shipped to all parts of the United States.  It is a known fact that from January to January, the year round, he carries more fine horses than any other dealer in Kentucky

Point-Au-View Farm has for several years supplied a select patronage with all kinds of good horses.  By good horses, we do not necessarily mean "show horses," although they always have a number of these on hand, but they cater to a high class trade for business and recreation.  They also have a choice herd of Shetland ponies.  It is believed that honesty and absolute reliability have been the strongest factors in their success.

Wholesale & Retail Druggists

Among the different interests which go to make Maysville and important business center, none are more deserving of special notice than the wholesale and retail drugstore of J. Jason Wood & Son.  This business was established in 1820 by W. R. Wood and is one of the landmarks of Maysville's commercial enterprises.  J. Jason Wood was born in this city in 1829 and began to learn the drug business with his brother, William R. Wood, in 1855, succeeding him in February, 1859 and for over 45 years has been on the same corner.  He has been prominent in public an mercantile affairs pertaining to the best interests of the city and served on the city council as well as in other positions of trust.

On January 6, 1898, the son, James B. Wood was admitted to partnership and the firm became J. Jason Wood & Son.  They have the distinction of having the first free-stone pavement in front of their store in the city, aw well as the first store elevator in Maysville.  The drugstore of J.; Jason Wood & Son is West Second Street at the corner of Market Street.

Bank of Maysville

This bank's standing is on a par with leading banking institutions of this country/  As to the market value of its stock and its dividends, it is classed as one of the most successfully conducted monetary concerns in the State of Kentucky.  None of its stock is offered for sale, and its profits are the most gratifying of any dividend-paying company in this country.  "The Bank of Maysville" is a synonym for state investment.  Conservative in management, its immense annual volume of clearings is evidence of its growth and success, and it now ranks with the largest banks in the Middle West.  It was organized and established in 1871 by James Barbour, A. M. January, Robert A. Cochran, and J. Foster Barbour.

The late A. M. January was president of the Maysville Branch Bank of Kentucky and president of the Bank of Maysville from its organization until the time of his death.  It resources are rapidly nearing the million dollar mark. The officers of the bank, James Foster Barbour, president, and Rudolph K. Hoeflich, cashier, have been connected with the Bank of Maysville and continuously in its service since its organization.  Judge A. M. J. Cochran succeeded his grandfather, A. M. January, in the directory and was made vice-president to succeed his father, Robert A. Cochran, at the date of Mr. Cochran's death in 1896.

The Bank of Maysville occupies a modernly equipped building on Second Street, between Market and Sutton Streets.

Joseph H. Dodson & Son

One of the pioneer establishments of Maysville is that of Joseph H. Dodson & Son.  The business was begun in 1865 by the senior member of the firm and has been conducted continuously and successfully since that time.  On March 15, 1907, the son, Dr. J. Allen Dodson, was admitted to partnership, and the firm became Joseph H. Dodson & Son.

They are wholesale and retail dealers in Peacock, high grade Kanawha and Smithing coals, grain, stock feed, salt, flour, groceries, field seeds, fertilizers, sand, gravel, , and also Edison cement, a patented cement of Thomas Edison, a name which is a guarantee that there is no better cement on the market. The firm has, as well, a large warehouse for the storage of household goods and has 39,000 square feet of space for this person.  The warehouse and main office is located at the corner of Second and Wall Streets; the coal office and yard are situated on Wall Street, North on Second; and the elevator building is on Front Street, west of Wall.  These elevators have a capacity of 30,000 bushels of coal under roof and a daily capacity for handling 5,000 bushels of coal and loading directly from barges on the river.  Joseph H. Dodson & Son carry a very large stock of goods in all departments and are prepared at all times to fill any sized order.


from a news clipping from April 9, 1910.  The author is unknown.  It was reprinted in the November, 2010 issue of The Kentucky Explorer.