Bethel Baptist Church

The history of the Bethel Baptist Church, Maysville, Kentucky, began with the Rev. Elisha Green, who was born in Bourbon County in 1818. He came to Madison County in 1829, and was converted on Walter Warder's farm near Mayslick, Kentucky. He was married to Miss Susan Young in 1835. Mr. John P. Dobyns bought his wife and children. Later Rev. Green paid Mr. Dobyns $850 for his family. Rev. Green organized the Bethel Baptist Church in 1844. He was granted permission to preach May 10, 1845. It was through his leadership and prayers that our church was built. The new church edifice was dedicated May 17, 1875.

The first of the following things were: by baptism, 35--Mrs. Celia Robinson was one of that number; church wedding, Mrs. Lizzie Munday, December 8, 1875; funeral, Mrs.guy Amelia Morrison, July 9, 1865. Pastors serving: Revs. Elisha Green for more than fifty years; F. Moreland, one and one-half years; William Alford, two years; Hart, one year; R. Straws, three years; R.H. Porter, two years; W.J.M. Price, two and one-half years; D.T. Caraway, one-half years; J.W. Bell, one-third year; R.H.C. Mitchell, two years; Robert Jackson, sixteen years; A.F. Martin, one and one-half years; H.T. Keeton, fifteen and one-half years, and the present pastor, Rev. M.L. Jackson who was recently called.

Rev. Jackson comes to us very highly recommended and we are blessed to have such a high class Christian minister who is able to lead us on to greater heights. Deacons: C.N. Braxton, Chairman, Robert Robinson, Isaac Beatty, Porter Jackson, W.H. Humphrey, James Griffey, William Tipton, William Conners, James R. Peters, Randolph Jackson. Trustees are: Porter Jackson, C.N. Braxton, James Peters, Richard Strawder, Alfred Lewis. C.N. Braxton, Treasurer, and M.E. Howe, Clerk. Head of Departments: Mesdames B.J. Lewis, Sunday School; C.P. Bass, Baptist Training Union; Mary E. Howe, Missionary Society; Bessie Lightfoot, Lilly of the Valley Club; Helen Ross, Fidelis Club; C.P. Bass, Choir, and B.J. Lewis, Organist.

Many and varied have been the experiences, conquests and victories of our church. Its course of progress is filled with rises and falls as all other institutions, operated by humanity, but its life has been unceasing. Great works have been accomplished and much influence dispersed by its illustrious pastors, from its organization until now, that shall never be sunken into insignificance.


The material here is from Diamond Jubilee: General Association of Colored Baptists in Kentucky, 1943.