Country Club

Golf in Maysville was introduced at the Edgefield Country Club. The new links had it’s opening on August 22nd of 1921 as the 35-acre course was located on Maple Leaf Road. The links was built on the former Glascock farm and the Clubhouse was a 40x60 structure with a 14 ft porch built on two sides of the clubhouse. The clubhouse was located 150 feet from Maple Leaf road.

The charter members of the original country club included many of Maysville’s leading citizens. They included; J.B Russell, President, E.T. Kirk, Vice President, A.L. Merz was the treasurer. The other 13 original members were; S.P Browning, E.P Browning, LeWright Browning, M.C. Kirk, J. Reese Kirk, J.N. Kehoe, along with W.H. Rees, William Trouts, S.F. Reed, N.S. Calhoun, P.P. Parker, J.C. Rogers and W.W. Ball.

Maysville’s golf history can be traced back to these gentlemen who had a vision for golf in our area. Edgefield Country Club was only in existence for four years as in 1925, the Club was moved to the current location of the Maysville Country Club. Edgefield Country Club on Maple Leaf Road in 1921.


from a Ron Bailey post on Facebook