The Enterprise Block

Laying of the Cornerstone - The Papers Deposited - The Contractors for Remodeling the Buildings - A Sketch of  Easier Times

We made brief mention last week of the remodeling of the stores belonging to S. S. Miner, S. N. Meyer, and Owens & Barkley, - comprising the four three story buildings on the north side of Second street, beginning at the corner of Sutton and running eastward.  The owners have adopted the title we suggested for the soon-to-be magnificent structures and henceforth they will be known as the “Enterprise Block” - a deserved compliment, we thought at the time, to the public spirited owners who are lending so much to the beautification of our city.

 The corner-stone of the remodeled block was laid on Wednesday morning [April 11] with appropriate ceremonies, by sir knight Simon N. Meyer, of Maysville Commandery No. 10. Beneath the stone were deposited copies of the Maysville Republican, Bulletin, and Eagle, Western Recorder, Louisville, Ky., Cincinnati's Commercial, and Boston's Watchman. In all probability our flesh shall have become food for worms and our humble services will have faded from the memory of man ere these testimonials of our time again see the light of day.

 This block was originally built by Williams S. Allen, Esq., in the year 1847, and three of the stores were occupied by Minor & Cruttenden, Rees & Allen, and Hunter & Phister, the fourth one remaining idle for some time.  No material change was made in the outward appearance of the block until the present owners determined upon the substantial improvements now in progress.

 The contractors for the work are:

 [sorry, the type is just too small for us to make out on poorly exposed microfilm]

The original occupancy of the block by the firms mentioned above marked the hegira [flight to escape danger] of business from the square on Front street between Market and Sutton, which till then had been the center of trade.  Illustrative of the radical change that has taken place in our city within less than half a century, we append a list of the firms and individuals who carried on business on that square within the memory of S. S. Miner, the list being kindly furnished by him:

 James Morrison 
John Armstrong 
James Armstrong 
William Armstrong 
Armstrong & Collins
Edward Cox 
George Cox 
John M. Morton 
Morton & Arnold 
Morton & Proctor 
Kirk & Fant 
A. W. Bascom 
L. S. Gilpin 
-- Foster 
Thomas Nolan 
Elias P. Hudnut 
John D. Bridges 
James Stout 
Joseph Conwell  
John Cummins  
-- Carpenter 
Rowzee & Holton 
Robert Ficklin 
Miner & Cruttenden 
Lee & Rees 
Lee, Rees & Dobyns  
Rees & Allen  
Hunter & Phister 
Coburn & Riley 
Proctor & Tureman 
Kirk, Anderson & Sharpe 
Coburn & Stockwell 
W. & J. Clark   
Samuel Trevor   
Ozburn & Bayless 
Phillips & Bowzee 
-- Wittenmeyer  
S. L. Blaine & Co 
Reynolds & Dennison 
Joshua Lintherman[?]  
Samuel Scott   
M & N Barriere[?]

 Of the above list George Cox and S. S. Miner are the only merchants now in business in our city and there is not a business house in that square


From the Maysville Republican, April 14, 1877