Grant's Only Uncle

The Cincinnati Enquirer, a Democratic paper, of December 27th has the annexed : “The only living uncle of the President” arrived in Covington yesterday morning via the Kentucky Central Railroad: He is a farmer, living near Mayslick, Mason county, Ky., but was in early life a tanner. He is 71 years old, and, what is remarkable, considering the existing condition of affairs, and the strong inducement of so near a relative to be a Republican, and consequently an office-holder, he has never during the fifty years he has been a voter, cast anything but a Democratic vote. He has been a subscriber to the Enquirer since the first year of its life, and took extra pains to procure it during the high-handed reign of Burbridge in Kentucky. This gentleman, whose name is Roswell M. Grant, refused to vote for his nephew tor President, although entertaining strong feelings of affection tor him — a decided proof of unwavering and settled principle. Grant's business in Covington is to see his brother, Jesse R. Grant, who is prostrated by paralysis. He bears a decided resemblance to his brother. He affirms Uncle Jesse's love for the Muse, having read much of his “poicry” in his younger days, and says he would not accept an office from his nephew, and certainly not at the expense of his political sentiments or the expression of them.


Sacramento Daily Union, January 15, 1872