James Hedge


Came to Kentucky in the fall of 1791.  We staid at Reinhart’s farm, on Monongahela (said to be where Braddock’s defeat was,) 2 weeks.  10 miles above Fort Pitt [Pittsburg].  Were 18 days on the river. St. Clair’s battle was fought while we were on the river.  Came down in 2 boats.  One a family, and one a horse boat.  Old Peter Troutman and Peter Troutman, a son of Michael Troutman, and a son-in-law of old Peter’s, were along.

Maysville was called “the Point.” A good many wagons waiting at Maysville, the point, for loading, when we got there.  Loading of immigrants. In 1793, the waters were low.  Seemed as if the place was full of wagons – but little gotten.  I was down and got a little.

As we were coming to Ky, John Troutman overtook us, this side of Maysville, at Ready Money Jack’s.  (Ready Money Jack an irishman).  Ready Money Jack had a double cabin.  It was where Holyday was for a great while after.  John Troutman, Ralph Morgan, and a good many others had gotten there before us that same night we staid there; had been out to bury the dead at St. Clair’s defeat and were just returning. They had everything ready when we got there, and had a great frolic there that night.

Emigration to Kentucky, for two or three years about this time, was very great.


From the Draper Papers, 12CC117