Mays Lick Baptist Church

The Mays Lick Church, in Mason County, was constituted of four members, November 28, 1789, by William Wood and James Garrard.  The church united with the Elkhorn Association in 1791, but joined other churches forming the Bracken Association in 1799.  There was no permanent pastor until 1797, when Donald Holmes was called, and served until 1801.

The Centennial of the Mays Lick Church was held November 28, 1889, during the pastorate of Z. T. Cody, who was then a student in the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

The Sesquicentennial was held on Tuesday, November 28, 1939, under the pastorate of G. G. Lanter.  During the one hundred and fifty years, twenty-nine pastors have served this old historic church, and among them may be found some of the Lord’s most faithful servants.  The names of these pastors with their terms of office are as follows: 

Donald Holmes, 1797-1801; Jacob Gregg, 1803-1805; Baldwin Clifton, 1808-09; William Grinstead, 1811-13; Walter Warder, 1813-36; Gilbert Mason, 1836-43; S. L. Helm, 1843-50; J. M. Frost, 1851-52; W. W. Gardner, 1852-57; J. W. Bullock, 1858-62; Cleon Keyes, 1862-71; J. E. Carter, 1872-73; M. M. Riley, 1874-83; A. M. Vardeman, 1884-87; Zachery T. Cody, 1887-90; J. D. Simmons, 1891-92; H. H. Hibbs, 1892-97; Jacob Holly, 1898-1902; W. W. Horner, 1903-05; J. T. Campbell, 1905-6; B. P. Weaver, 1907; C. V. Waugh, 1909-10; L. M. Thompson, 1910-18; T. E. Smith, 1918-19; T. U. Fann, 1920-23; G. H. Moore, 1924-27; M. Jackson White, 1928-31; A. D. Odom, 1931-37, and G. G. Lanter, 1937-39.  J. F. Woodson was pastor 1941-42, and Roy C. Magill, 1943-45.

In 1946 the Mays Lick Church reported to the Bracken Association two hundred and forty six members and J. W. Kruschwitz, pastor, who resigned in early 1949 to become pastor of the Sand Springs Church near Lawrenceburg.


From Frank M. Masters A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, published by the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society. And please, take a moment to understand how long ago 1789 was.