Murphysville, KY where I grew up was once most famous for it's weaving mill. It was called Murphysville Manufacturing Company and was established in 1867. The papers reported it was one of the best in the U.S. and the quality of goods made there was second to none made west of the mountains. The mill produced jeans, linsey and woolen blankets.

The woolen mill was later turned into a flour mill where White Cloud flour was packaged.

Across from the mill were houses built for the mill hands, which was called the "White Row", as the flour from the mill often covered the houses.

The dam at North Fork was 120 ft long and provided a great swimming and fishing hole as well as the power for woolen, grain and saw mills.

Murphysville once had 4 stores, 2 blacksmith shops, a post office, a school, a doctor and 3 churches. Now old machinery and buildings are buried under the mud of North Fork.



From a Facebook post by Brandi Mae