New C. & O. Depot will be Open Tomorrow

Maysville’s New Station Will Be Thrown Open
 For Use Immediately After Noon Tomorrow


For some time the new C. & O. passenger depot has been ready for occupancy, but owing to the roadways around it not being completed and surfaced it was thought best not to throw it open for use until this was done.   As the contractors now have the work completed to a point where ther will be no danger of taking mud and dirt into the new structure, Agent W. W. Wikoff today decided to have the opening tomorrow afternoon, when tickets will first be sold for train No. 3, but the moving of the working forces will be done immediately after the noon hour.   The new edifice is a splendid addition to the many new buildings in that end of town.  Its cost is considerably over what the first estimate was, as the vast amount of concrete work surrounding it was not figured in to the original cost.  It is a most complete building, there being separate compartments for women and men and colored people.   The old depot has been demolished and the room will be used for yard purposes.


from the October 16, 1918 issue of Maysville’s Public Ledger