Maysville Opera House

Maysville – Pop 10,000.  Washington Opera House.  Russell, Dye & Frank, mgrs.  H. L. Hamilton, bus. Mgr. (to whom all communications should be addressed). S. C. 1,000  Prices 25c to $1.  Illum., gas and electricity.  Edison system.  Jesse Helmer, elec.  Voltage 104.  Width Prosc opening, 28 ft. height, 26 ft.  Footlights to back wall, 32 ft.  Curtain line to footlights, 28 ft.  Dist bet. Side walls, 66 ft. Dist. Bet. Fly girders, 50 ft. Height of scenery, 18 ft. Height to rigging loft, 66 ft. Depth under stage, 12 ft. 3 traps.  No grooves.  Theatre on ground floor.  Harry Sulser,  Wm. Kirwin, stage carp. 6 in orches. Prof. R. Bullet, leader.  Bill-posters, Maysville Adv. Co. Wm. Alexander, adv. Agt.  Printing required, 6 stands, 30-3 sheets, 100 I-sheets, 100 ½ sheets.  Dates read, Washington Opera House.  C. J. Collins, Transfer Co.  Express, Adams.  Physician, H. K. Adamson.   Newspapers – Daily, “Ledger,” Bulletin.”   Hotels- New Central, St. Charles   Railroads – Chesapeake & Ohio, W. W. Wikoff, agt.  L. & N., E. H. Binzil


From Julius Cahn’s Official Theatrical Guide, Containing Information of the Leading Theatres and Attractions in America, 1902.