The persecution of the colored people is extending all along the Ohio river. It broke out in New Orleans, and Mississippi then took the hint. Then Indiana and Ohio. And now we hear, that in Kentucky the same devilish spirit is abroad. At Louisville, the free people of color have been warned out of the State. In Lexington they are charged as incendiaries. At Maysville they have been mobbed, and their church has been burnt.

Will the God of the oppressed permit these acts of cruelty to go unpunished? Never! Never!! - Philanthropist.

Permit it? No! Yet he may suffer it to be, sufficiently long to reflect before heaven and earth the exceeding WICKEDNESS and MEANNESS of the spirit of the American people towards their colored fellow-citizens - then he will come down in his wrath, if they do not repeat, and bring forth works meet for repentance, and send his thunderbolts broadcast throughout the land, destroying all as he goes. If this nation is ever destroyed, it will be on account of her treatment of colored men. If she is not destroyed, it will be because anti-slavery shall have redeemed her.


The Colored American, October 16, 1841