Month-Old Porkers Miss ‘Mother;’ Tramp Seven Miles

Farmer Sells Pigs to Neighbor to Find Them Back “Home” Next Morning

 Special to the Courier-Journal, Maysville, Ky., November 26 – The cat will come back, of course, but the pigs, well . . .  A few weeks ago John Wilson, Sardis, this county, sold a sow and ten pigs to Elmer Donovan, seven miles away.  A week later, Mr. Wilson bought back two of the month-old pigs and Mr. Donovan delivered them in a sack.  The next morning, Mr. Donovan found the two young porkers he had delivered the night before back with their mother and brothers and sisters.  They had tramped the seven-mile trip during the night.   


From the Louisville Courier-Journal, November 27, 1910