Proctor K. Smiley

The Proctor K. Smiley was built in Catlettsburg in 1895, and is named for the son of the builder, William Smiley, of that city.  Later in her service years, she was taken to Ripley, and owned by Sara Barrett, though she ended her career back near Catlettsburg. 

In Kenova, WV she was caught on shore in high water, and was later dismantled there, in the spring of 1932.


The information above, as well as everything else you ever wanted to know about steam boats on American Rivers, is in Frederick Way Jr.'s encyclopedic Way's Packet Directory, 1848-1994, from the Ohio University Press. That's him at left, and he's famous in steamboat  circles for his encyclopedic knowledge and vast collection of steamboat matters.