Under River Cables


We are gratified in being able to state, that the New Orleans and Ohio telegraph Company, after repeated failures, and at great expense, have at length succeeded in s3curing a double submarine crossing at Maysville, Ky., being the first submarine cable with two perfectly insulated wires yet laid, so far as we know, in the United States.  Mr. J. B.Sleet has accomplished this work, under the direction of Mr. Tanner, President.  The New Orleans and Ohio, and St. Louis and New Orleans companies, under the same directions, have laid a greater length of submarine cables this summer, of the kind to resist such obstructions as occur on the Western waters, than all other lines in this country.   There are now five cables on these lines, viz: the double wire cable at Maysville, and single wire cables across the Tennessee and Ohio rivers at Paducah, the Mississippi at Cape Girardeau, and Merimac eighteen miles below St, Louis.


Gallipolis [Ohio] Journal, December 8, 1853