New Liberty Baptist Church

New Liberty, long known as Twinns Church, located in the northern part of Owen County, was constituted with 30 members, June 23, 1801.  Elder John Price, who came to Kentucky from Virginia prior to 1800, and John Davis, led in the organization of the church.  The pioneer preacher, William Hickman, gave an account of the origin of the New Liberty Church.  He says: "In those days I went down and visited my friends on Eagle Creek, and baptized a number there.  Soon after that, a large and respectable church arose there, and Brother John Scott moved among them, and has long been their pastor."  Elder Scott continued as pastor about twenty-five years, and left the church with about 2123 members.  Elders Cornelius Duval, B. F. Kennedy and Hugh Montgomery served as pastor in succession until 1838, when Elder Lewis D. Alexander became pastor and continued until his death in 1863, a period of twenty-five years.  During his long pastorate 746 converts were baptized.  Since that period, it has often changed pastors, and has not prospered as formerly.  The New Liberty Church entered into the organization of the Concord Association, September, 1821, and remained a member until 1924, when the Owen County Association was formed.  At that time there were 210 members and Rev. R. E. Brown pastor.  At the 140th anniversary in 1941, the church numbered 279 members, and Dr. E. F. Wright was pastor.  N 1948, it reported to the Owen county Association 262 members, 191 enrolled in Sunday school and Rev. C. E. Butler, pastor full time.


From Frank M. Masters A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, published by the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society.