Incidents of the Rebel Raid

On the morning of the 17th, a squad of about seventy-five cavalry rode into New Liberty, Owen county.  Dr. English, Provost Marshal of the county, observed them pass his door, but had no suspicion who they were.  They were told that Mr. English was a Marshal, and Colonel Bullitt, formerly of Paducah, visited the Marshal's office, told who he was, and wished to see the bonds of the citizens of Owen had given; said, he wanted them; his object being to relieve the people from the obligation they had placed themselves under.  Dr. English, of course, objected; but Bullitt assured him that he had the force to take them and would do it.  The force was on hand, and the Doctor had to give under protest what he could not keep.  They took an old gun and a saber that were in the office, but the, as they were private property, they left them.  Col. Bullitt was very polite to Dr. English, and did not molest him any further - The marauders staid [sic] about one hour and left, as they came, in a hurry. [Lou. Democrat.]

*We are informed by citizens of Owen county that the rebel squad consisted of 18 men. - [Ed. Journal]"


from the Covington Journal, July 26, 1862