Results of Storm

It seems that the storm that visited this county Wednesday night, July 7th, was more destructive in the Pleasant Hill vicinity than in any other place in the county.  The destruction of property and crop was very great, but it was confined to a narrow strip of territory.  The following loss of property was reported to us:

A barn on the place of Wiley Ellis was blown down.  A cow and calf which were in the barn escaped unhurt.  The barn was insured in the Pendleton County Farmers Fire Insurance Co. for $300.

Basil Bonar had a barn to blow down, spring wagon mashed, roof of the stable blown off and windows in his house damaged.  He carried no insurance.

A. C. Maddox lost a lot of locust and walnut timber valued at $200, by the wind.  This timber was located in a hollow, but was directly in the path of the storm.  The trees were uprooted and torn down.  Wheat in the shocks on the top of the hill was not even disturbed.

Frank Davis’ house was unroofed and the porch torn away.  A silo on his place was also blown away. 


Falmouth Outlook, July 16, 1915