Conditions of the Roads


The recent heavy rains have put the turnpikes of the county in a very bad condition. Thousands of dollars of damage was done. In many places the pikes have washed so badly that it is hardly possible to get over the road. The Milford pike is possibly in the worst condition of any in the county. The bridge that was washed out near Ed Wiggins place has never been replaced and in many places there are no ditches, and the water has torn the roads all to pieces on the hills. There is no available money to make these much needed repairs, and the worst is not in sight. It will take time and a great expenditure of money to do this repair work, and the county officers are powerless to do anything unless a bond issue is voted by the people and bond issues do not look good to the taxpayers of Pendleton county. 


Falmouth Outlook, July 16, 1915