Falmouth Church of Christ


The earliest records of the Church of Christ of Falmouth, Ky., were destroyed by fire.  It seems, prior to 1850 meeting were held in Falmouth by William  Patterson, John T. Johnson, and John A. Gano.  As early as 1855 there was a congregation meeting in the court house, and it was ministered by Bro. Jack Holton, of Bracken county, and others.  John I. Rogers, Thos. Arnold, and Thos. Munnell aided in the work in its earlier history.  In 1872 the present meeting house was begun.  Through the liberality and untiring efforts of Thos. J. Oldham, elder and leader for years, it was completed.  It was dedicated by Isaac Errett, January 1, 1876.  At this time, and for several years, H. B. Taylor ministered to the church.  The chuerch has steadily grown.  It now has an official board of eleven excellent men, and its future is promising.


from John T. Brown's Churches of Christ, 1904