A Status Report from the Superintendent


Enclosed herewith please find annual report for Trimble county for year ending July 1st, 1901. 

The schools of this county, during the past year, have been doing very well.  The school property of the county is in good condition; all but three houses in the entire county had been rebuilt or repaired since the present superintendent has been in office, he having served seven years. 

The general desire for better schools is growing, and the public is taking more interest in trimbleschool work, but such interest is not yet become strong enough to induce the parents to tax themselves to prolong the term, or for the better pay of the teacher; and until that is done, we cannot expect realize much better results from the work than what we have. A term of five months is too short to prove of very great benefit. Three districts in the county have voted a tax and have seven months school. 

My term in office will expire January 1, but I will watch with the greatest interest the progress of the public schools; all the ills of which we complain will be forgotten if we can but have an eight months' tem in the entire State.