A Gala at the House of Tim Needham


Brilliant, was the reception at Hon. Tim Needham's Palatial Home. A gala event in the beau monde was the reception given last Thursday evening at the luxurious home of Hon. Tim Needham and wife in honor of their charming guests, Misses Anaise Clark and Bettie Sparks. The invitations were liberally responded to by the youth, beauty, wit, and talent of Williamstown Society who, from 7 to 11, enjoyed the pleasures of brilliant repartee, well-rendered musical selections, and the hospitality of their host and hostess.
The elegantly appointed rooms were decorated with floral designs and tastily arranged plants formed a brilliant setting for the American beauties who, garbed in queenly costumes, and with bright eyes out rivaling the scintillations of their jewels, carried conviction to the hearts and minds of the masculine fraternity. Shaded lights shed a soft effulgence o'er this regal scene more pleasing in its delectable reality than the sweetest vision of dreamland.
The exterior effect was gorgeous. Chinese lanterns swung from the trees of the lawn and hung in pretty profusion along the extent of three balconies where hearts in pairs and dual souls built bowers of bliss inhabitable by two, while sylphs and naids from realms elysian floated down on fancy's wings to weave mystic nets around the bowers or meander undisturbed through this terrestrial fairlyland where life and love and joy were echoed from every flowerland tree. Yet, how potent is prose, and what a shrinking coward is imagination before a towering appetite. Refreshments calculated to tickle the palate of the most fastidious epicure were served at nine. Neapolitan cream, cakes, coffee, a light lunch and frappe constituted the menu. After cigars the enjoyment was resumed and continued in unbroken harmony until eleven when the guests departed, electing as they went Mr. and Mrs. Needham to their hearts forever more and voting Father Time a jocose old fellow regardless of his age and whiskers.
Those present were:
Misses: Francis Halberg, Eloise Elliston, Edna Matthews, Anna Scott, Edith Hogan, Genie Hogan, Lucille Clark, Baydie Frank, Willie Reid, Edith Reid, Kate Valandingham, Mary McClure, Laura Webb, Nettie Webb, Lenora Wilson, Pauline Johnson, Clara Humlong, Louisa Hogan, Mrs. W.T. Clark, Mrs. Josephine Reid, Mrs. O.P. Hogan, and Mrs. Estelle Blick.
Messrs: Tol Dickerson, Ras Clark, Simon Billiter, Owen Hulett, Hayd Kendall, James O'Hara, Collins Hogan, Emmet Hogan, Fred Elliston, Will Elliston, Ezra Webster, Glid Cram, F. Charbonneau, Ed O'Hara, Mount Collins, Bain Frank, Ellie Hogan, and Overton Hogan.”
The Needham House sat near the north parking lot of the Williamstown Baptist Church.


Article from the Williamstown Courier, September 10th, 1896, as posted by the Grant County KY Historical Society