Four Injured

During a Feudal Fight and More Trouble Is Expected

Special Dispatch to the Enquirer

Bedford, Ky., March 7. - While going from a school entertainment near here, James and George Carson waylayed Ed and Elliott Hackney, and a terrible fight ensued, in which the Carsons were fatally cut, and the Hackneys were severally wounded.  For the past ten years a deadly feud has existed between the Hackneys and the Carsons, and many times they have been in jail for cutting and shooting each other.

Six years ago James Carson was given a six-months' jail sentence for cutting Ed Hackney.  The Hackney boys came to town this morning and surrendered to the authorities.  Judge Lee released them on $100 bond. There are 10 or 12 men on each side, and serious trouble is likely to follow.


The Cincinnati Enquirer, March 8, 1898