Cassonee and Abbott

Louisville, Ky., Feb. 27. -Thomas Cassonee, an Afro-American, and Annie Abbott, a white girl of eighteen, were married in Evansville yesterday by Rev. Ezra Miller, a colored minister. The parties went to Jeffersonville the night before from Trimble County , Kentucky, and remained in seclusion until morning, when they went to the county clerk and secured a license, making oath that his bride-elect was twenty-one. Shortly after the marriage the brides father, William Abbott, a well-to-do farmer, turned up and caused the arrest of the bridegroom and the minister. The minister swore that the girl had a veil over her face during the ceremony and that in consequence he did not know her color. He gave $500 bond and was released, while the bride and groom were left in jail. The charge is miscegenation and the punishment three years imprisonment.


The Christian Recorder, March 14, 1889