Epsom and Chalybeate Springs


Epsom and Chalybeate Springs
Bedford, Trimble County, Ky.

The proprietor, having in the last year made considerable additions of rooms and conveniences to this establishment, it is now ready for the reception of visitors.

Besides the great medicinal value of the waters as shown by chemical analysis of Professor Yandell, an the salutatory effect it had on numerous instances of Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, and Diseases of Females, in which it has been tried, the high and airy location of the place, the superior character and abundance of the fresh water, render it a most desirable retreat for invalids in pursuit of health, or families who wish to retire to the romantic shades of the country, where neither choler, local fevers, nor mosquitoes have ever yet intruded their unwelcome presence. In the arrangement of this establishment at the comfort and the pleasure of the gay has been taken into due consideration as well as the welfare of individuals and families, it being provided with Bathing Rooms, Tenpin Alleys, Ball Rooms, abundance of ice and a choice selection of the best liquors.

Patrons wishing to visit these springs by river will land at E. M. Garriott's tavern, 30 miles above Louisville, opposite Bethlehem, Ia., her they will meet with kind and attentive reception, and a comfortable stage to bring them to the springs, which are only six miles out. The most skillful medical assistance is at hand when required by visitors, and the unceasing efforts always of the proprietor to promote their comfort. THO. G. ROWLAND


Louisville Weekly Journal, June 6, 1849