Trimble Co. Items from Collins' History of Kentucky


August 8, 1839 In favor of a convention to revise the [Kentucky] constitution, only 28,170 votes were cast, out of 104,622 voters in the state - less than 27 per cent, whereas over 50 per cent are required for success; in Owen county, 12 per cent of the voters vote for a convention; in Mason, 8; in Campbell, 50; and in Trimble, not a vote.
Feb. 28, 1854 The house had passed, by 47 to 35, a bill to establish the Milton Bank of Ky,; capital $800,000, with branches at Lancaster, Standford and Prestonburg; it was defeated in the Senate by a tie vote. [There is an issue in my mind whether this refers to the town of Milton, or a man named Milton]
March 12, 1854 Miss Delia Webster - who, out of sympathy for her sex, was pardoned out of the Kentucky penitentiary several years ago when she was a prisoner for aiding the Rev. Calvin Fairbanks in the escape of slaves - not long after removed to Madison, Indiana, and recently to Kentucky opposite Madison; and with Rev. Norris Day, has assisted away many slaves.  Large meetings held in Oldham, Trimble and Henry counties; Miss Webster first requested, and then compelled to remove from the state.
March 10, 1856 Gen Morehead vetoes the act incorporating . . . Milton bank of Ky.
April 9, 1858 From the following 21 companies, Gov. Morehead selects by lot 10 to compose the regiment to be tendered to the U.S. War department for service in Utah.  [A Trimble County company under Capt. Pierce is 5th, and was thus selected.]