New Church

 The colored members of Mt. Byrd Christian Church have just built a church of their own at Milton, Ky.  A convention of the colored churches of Ky., will be held at Milton, commencing at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Quite a large representation is expected and there will be considerable required to entertain all who come, and it is expected that the colored people will be assisted in this matter.  The matter has been announced by Mr. Julien from his pulpit, and any assistance from Christian Chapel, or any other friends may be left with G. D. Demaree, J. c. Hill, grocers, and at the drug store of M. H. Child.  Any assistance rendered to Robert Oates or Thornton Mitchell, of this city for the church at Milton will be Thankfully received and properly applied.  It is expected a large number will have to be entertained and any help will be appreciated.


From the Madison Courier, August 18, 1884