Corn Creek Baptist Church

The Corn Creek Church, located in Trimble County, eight miles north of Bedford, was constituted by the old pioneer preacher John Taylor in the fall of 1800 of about twenty members.  The church united with Salem Association the following year, but went into the organization of Long Run in 1803, and then into the formation of Sulfur Fork Association in 1826.  The church, following John Taylor's peculiar teaching about the pastoral relation, did not have a regular pastor for twenty-seven years.  He contended that the church should be administered to by the preacher, or preachers, who happened to be members of the church.  For this reason, the church did not begin to prosper until 1826.  In 1864, there were three hundred and thirty three members, but in 1879, only ninety-eight members were reported, the decrease probably being due to the loss of a large number of slaves following the Civil War.

The Corn Creek Church reported to the Sulfur Fork Association in 1946, one hundred and twenty-nine members, and M. M. Turner, pastor, was succeeded by James Barry in 1947.


From Frank M. Masters A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, published by the Kentucky Baptist Historical Society.