Trimble County Seat

Much has been said and written about the town of Bedford, throughout the length and breadth of Trimble county.  The little town has been abused by her citizens, called members of the town “clique” and other vile names.  It is not our purpose to defend any “clique” or “ring.”  If there is anything covered up, turn on the light, we say.  But we do know that he people of Bedford are clever and accommodating and in the fullest sense of the word, charitable. Her business men are up with the times, and while no blow has been made about it, yet there is as much business done in Bedford as in any town of its size other than a railroad town, and the old town [that] has for years been misrepresented and abused is today full of business and enterprise, and is on a boom.

 Her oldest merchant is F. a. Adams, who for years has given good bargains and Methodist weight to his customers.  He has about retired from business.  He leaves a reputation of which he is justly proud.  Then there is the old reliable Wm. Isaac, whose store is full of the necessities of life and whose reputation for business is unquestionably good.  And “Trix” (Peak & Bros) the boss merchant, is still at the old store doing business, as of old and asking about crops.  Next is our friend, W. P. Maddox, who has a general store and is a whole soul man clever gentleman.  The next in rotation is A. B. Clem, whose grocery is full of nice things, and Brack is also up with the times and meets each customer with a smile.  Lastly comes the boy merchant Shelby Pierce, who is fast mounting the ladder of success and will some day be known as the rich, retired merchant.

 The Bedford Bar is one of the best county bars in Kentucky.  All the time it is composed of the Senator McCain, the Hon. W. F. Peak, Col. A. J. Barlett, J. A. Trout, L. F. Zerfoss, R. F. Peak (Commonwealth attorney), C. B. Terrell (County attorney)and J. W. Lee.

 The Bedford Loan and Deposit Bank is under splendid management and has three dollars for every dollar due depositors, and W. R. Logan, the clever and accommodating cashier is always at his post, and he and his efficient assistant, Mrs. Logan, keeps the machine in order and gives entire satisfaction to the public. 

 In the way of hotels we have the Callis Hotel, Comden Callis, proprietor; the Gillis Hotel, W. B. Gillis, proprietor; the Bell Hotel, James W. Bell, proprietor, and the Green Front Restaurant, conducted by M. C. angel.

 We have three doctors, the oldest J. C. Hancock, whose reputation extends far beyond the limits of Trimble County, as one of the most successful practitioners in Kentucky.  Dr. A. A. Miles, of whom we will say, no doctor of his age, has a finer reputation or a better practice, and we predict for him that someday we will be proud to note that he was born on Trimble County soil.  Dr. L. G. Contri, who has lately come among us, thoroughly, industrious in his business and is well up on his profession.

 H. A. Engleman and Robert Williams keep our horses shod, and our plows and wagons repaired.  Frank Robinson, the boss wagon maker, is associated with H. A. Engleman.  Terrell Bros, undertakers, are doing a good business and have supplied a long felt want.

 Our carpenters, L. G. Peak, Theos. Gavigan, and John Gatewood and Smith, with their assistants are all kept busy and as a result three new dwelling houses and one storeroom have gone up this summer.

 We have two livery stables, one run by M. C. Angell, and one by N. C. Cutshaw.

 Bedford has three good church buildings and excellent school facilitates, and we should modestly remark that we have a first class county a paper that will visit you in your homes bringing all the local news, and we trust that you will assist us to make it a success.


From the Trimble Banner-Democrat, Friday, August 11, 1893