On May 20, 1852, the Glasgow (Missouri) Times reports “The wife of Mr. Thomas H. Gossum, of Trimble county, Ky., a short time since gave birth to five children, all alive and doing well.  Who can beat old Kaintuck!” 

Then on August 4, 1852, we find Richmond, Va’s Daily Dispatch with this:  “Fifteen children have been born in Trimble county, Ky., during the last six months, of six ladies, as follows: one lady gave bith to four, one to three and four to two each.” 

Come winter (February 25, 1853) the Terre Haute Journal picked up the story, “A woman in Trimble county, near Bedford, a few days ago, gave birth to six children.  All are living and doing well.  This was furnished by a friend who says it is literally true.” And cites the Louisville Democrat as its source. 

We note that it was standard practie in those days for newspapers across the US to print interesting items out of other papers, so the above items could all be referring to one origianl story, or could be an editor who got bored and wanted to see how far he could spread a story.