Course of Study, 1920

 Recognizing the fact that the ultimate aim of the High School is the proper development of those natural facilities of the student by the promotion of a liberal and practical education, that they may secure the highest enjoyment and benefit from their uses in the future, the following subjects have been offered in the Trimble County High School.  The completion of these subjects entitles the graduate to recognized standing in any college of university in the state, as having completed the required work in an accredited four-year high school.  Students will be admitted to the High School, upon completion of the eighth grade, or the holding of a county diploma.


English Composition, Latin, Algebra, Ancient History, Agriculture, Domestic Science, Spelling.


American Literature, Latin, Algebra, Mediaeval Modern History, General Science, Spelling. 


 English Literature, Geometry, Mediaeval Modern History, Botany, Agriculture, Domestic Science, Physical Geography, Spelling


English Classics, English Grammar, Solid Geometry, Arithmetic, United States History, Civil Government, Psychology, Principles of Business, Physics, Spelling.  

Sixteen units are required for graduation, a unit being determined by the successful pursuance of a subject for thirty-six weeks; a half unit for eighteen weeks work.  The grading system followed is the alphabetic order: A denoting excellence, B, Good; C, Mediocre; D, passing; E, unsatisfactory; F, below 75 per cent, or failure.