Addenda to Strother

Notes and addenda to: “An Historical Sketch of Trimble County” by John C. Strother, is here provided to clarify erroneous information about Wises Landing or as known by the United States Post Office established at this location, as “Corn Creek.”

 Mr. C. A. Hollowell, retired Trimble County Superintendent of Public Schools and former high school principal and resident of Trimble County for many years, and presently Chairman of the Trimble county Library Board, found that the Corn Creek Post Office” was established as “Wises Landing” in 1874.

 Mr. Strother on February 2, 1920, said, “Twenty or twenty-five years ago, the site of Wise’s Landing was a dense forest.”

 While Mr. John C. Strother was apparently very well informed on the north end of the county around Milton, Ky. established in 1789, according to him, he apparently knew very little about Wises Landing down the Ohio River about 15 or 10 miles.

 Dr. John Totten purchased a tract of 155 acres with first $1000 note due January 1, 1850, which was adjacent to property of Joseph and William Averitt; corner to Barclay, and corner to Stephen Cook. (Deed book D, p. 360).  Dr. Totten also purchased 653 acres from Benjamin F. Page with deed recorded Dec. 10, 1853.

 Henry Phillip Fix, brother-in-law to Totten, purchased land known as the Dr. Carroll C. Fix farm, about 1842.

 Perrin’s History of Kentucky, published in 1888, has a biographical sketch from each of the above, Fix and Totten, stating that they had both lived at Wises Landing since the 1840’s and 1850’s.

 Also Isaac Johnson sold 56 acres to Brooks Perkinson, on October 13, 1853, in line of Adolphous Perkinson on Barebone Creek.  (We believe Adolphous Perkinson was father of Mr. Richard A. Perkinson, who purchased the Totten farm from John Voiers at Wisaes Landing.

 (Note: a more accurate record can be found by tracing deeds, which the writer cannot do at present time due to broken arm.  Clara S. Scott, 14 Nov. 1983)