Trimble High School

The sixth annual session of the Trimble High School will begin August 27, 1883.  Terms per session of forty weeks 

Tuition, High School Department 30.00
Tuition, Preparatory Department 25.00
Tuition, Primary Department 20.00
Latin 10.00
Book keeping 10.00
Music on Piano 50.00
Music on piano to beginners 35.00
Vocal Music 5.00
Board, Lights, Fuel 100.00
Board, from Monday to Friday 80.00
Washing 10.00
Contingent Fee 1.00

One half of all fees cash, or its equivalent in advance, and a note for the remainder, due five months from the beginning of school.  Scholars will be charged from the time they enter school to end of session and no deductions made for absence, or withdrawal, unless in the case of protracted sickness.

 A. L. Voiers, Principal Ras. Yeager, Ass't.


From the Milton Free Press, November 15, 1883