Ohio River

Trimble Churches      Trimble Churches

Christian Church, Bedford, 
left, To Mrs. Thomas Oliver, Salem, Indiana, Washington  Co.
“As I wrote you a letter this afternoon, I do not know nothing to say now.”  Pat.

Milton, Kentucky

The History of Bedford Christian, written for its centennial  in 1945, is here.

Milton, Kentucky

Trimble Churches Trimble Churches Trimble Churches
Mt. Byrd Christian Church,
Milton. The history of the
church is here. (pdf)
Baptist Church,
Milton, 1908
Wise's Landing
Pleasant View on the left,
 and Macedonia Christian

Bedford Baptist becomes official in 1851.


Trimble Churches

This is the former Catholic Church, and later a silent movie house,
being moved to a location to be the new Baptist Church.  More here.


Trimble Churches         Trimble Churches

St. Peter's Lutheran Church, circa 1910, Hunter's Bottom
(yeah, technically in Carroll county)
The above two images are from Trimble County Heritage, 1989.

A few words on the history of this church are here.



The baptism of Mrs. Birdie Mahoney, August 6, 1915.
This is a Union Grove Baptist Church congregation.

Trimble Churches

These are the three preachers who founded the Callis Grove Church

Milton, Kentucky

Bedford clergyman elopes; shotguns are in pursuit; story is here.

Milton, Kentucky


Parsonage for one of the Bedford Churches

A Collection of Trimble County Church Histories
History of Milton Wesleyan is here. (pdf)  The Bedford Pentecostal Church dates to 1924.  The history is here. A history of the Antioch Baptist Church is here. (pdf)
The history of the Union Grove Church
in Palmyra is here.
A few words on the history of the Corn Creek
Baptist Church are here.
The history of the Milton United Methodist Church is here.
Colored Church to be formed in Milton, 1884, here. A longer history of Corn Creek Baptist  is here.  (pdf)  

Milton, Kentucky