street scenes

Florence, Kentucky

Lexington Pike, East from Girard, Florence
postmarked Erlanger, 12-03-1914,
 to Miss Lillian Corbin, 625 Washington St., Newport, Ky,  
 There was so much of interest in your last letter I can't even attempt to answer, so will
just send you a picture of a section  of Pike St in Florence, looking toward Erlanger from Charley M's 
Store - you will prize the view. The x is the P.O.  Anna


Florence, Kentucky Florence, Kentucky Florence, Kentucky
Florence, Kentucky    Main Street, Florence,
all circa 1910.
Florence, Kentucky


Florence, Kentucky 

The Old Store in Florence
an old postcard plagiarized from a John Uri Lloyd Photo


Florence, Kentucky Florence, Kentucky

Ford  Garage,  1930


These two locations on Main Street in Florence are on the National Register of Historic Places. Applications here - each a pdf - contain histories, maps, and interior and exterior photography.

Florence Fire Station Florence Hotel


Florence, Kentucky Florence, Kentucky US 42, Florence
Price Pike That's John Uri Lloyd standing
in front of one of his boyhood
homes, on Banklick.
US 42, going west from Mall Road
from a Mark Krummen post on Facebook


US 42new

US 42, we believe looking northeast at what today is 42 and Wetheringon
From a Facebook post by Old Northern Kentucky


newShelby Street

Shelby Street, looking toward Main
From a Facebook post by Gin-Nie Tanner Smith


Florence, Kentucky

Florence Post Office
The post office was in Jim Tanner's Hardware Store, in the left in this image. 
 A hundred years ago, PO's were a cabinet in a corner store, and whose store housed the PO
was subject to change every time the political winds shifted.

A little background on Florence post offices is here. (pdf)



We love the images that seem to be of absolutely no interest when they were taken, but years later would show a very busy scene. You're looking south on I-75 in 1970. If you could look to the right, y'all would see a giant water tower. From a Facebook post by Winston Beech.


Florence, Ky I-75
Greenview Road, looking north from Burlington Pike, August, 1956 US 42 / I-75 Exit in Florence, 1964  


Florence, Kentucky Florence, Kentucky Florence, Kentucky Florence, Kentucky
C. W. Myers' Store, 1903 Fred Reich's Shop,1903 House on Main   House on Banklick Next
to Methodist Church


Florence, Kentucky

A painting by Thomas Corwin Lindsay
Stringtown on the Pike, c. 1901


The Florence Hotel Building is on the National Register of Historical Places. Read the text, and see the pictures, both pdf's. A 1916 article on Florence is here.
newIn 1907, the president of the Burlington-Florence turnpike acknowledges that maybe autombiles are here to stay.  
In 1843 you didn't have to pay taxes for the upkeep of the roads in Florence. There was, however, this. The “Parson of Stringtown” writes a letter describing parts of Florence, here.
newComplaints in 1881 about the tolls on the road from Florence to Silver Lake. newSuffragette has success in Florence.