Limaburg,Kentucky Limaburg,Kentucky Limaburg,Kentucky
At Proc Brothers Store, Limaburg


Limaburg,Kentucky Limaburg,Kentucky Limaburg,Kentucky

Flood washes out the Limaburg Bridge, August 8, 1917


Limaburg, Kentucky Limaburg, Kentucky Limaburg

 Looking West from Limaburg
(the bridge, in the images on the right, is the same
 one at the bottom of the hill in the image on the left)
image on the far right is from a Facebook post by Gin-Nie Tanner Smith


limaburg bridge limaburg bridge

Limaburg Bridge, c. 1918

Before there was any bridge, you forded the creek. See here.

Limaburg citizens built the first bridge in 1908. It washed away. So they rebuild. Details here.


limaburg bridge limaburg beridge limaburg bridge
April 28, 1972, Limaburg Wreck at the Limaburg -
Burlington Pike intersection
New Bridge in Limaburg


Anderson Bros.

Anderson Brothers Body Shop
(They would become the founders of Skilcraft)
from a Facebook post by Lynn Orvis


Limaburg,Kentucky Limaburg,Kentucky
Toll House, Limaburg
East on Burlington Pike, toward Limaburg.
Why was this picture taken?  Here.

The toll house was torn down in 1954. Story here.



At one time, Limaburg was known as Florence Cross Roads. This map is 1883.


William Fitzgerald's History of
Limaburg is here. (pdf)

An older article from the Boone County Recorder on
the Limaburg Community is here (pdf)
Limaburg, by Brothers, Tanner,
and Tanner is here (pdf)
“The Boone Circuit Court is in session at Burlington and four men have been sentenced to the penitentiary. Martin Farrell,
Albert Farrell, and Thomas Adams, for breaking into Quigley & Burman's store in Limaburg last December, and Earl Minor, colored,
for unlawfully detaining a woman against her will.” from the Courier-Journal, April 18, 1909