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Split Rock

Excursion Boat to Split Rock

“Split Rock is a formation of conglomerate rock. Located at the mouth of Woolper Creek, the site was created when the Illinoian glacier moved through the area 132,000 to 300,000 years ago and deposited the material where it is today. The split was caused by erosion from the Ohio River. It was a popular trading place since the time of Native Americans and settlers. It was also a well-known picnic and camping location.” - Liza Marie Vance


Split Rock

Split Rock
from the Boone County Local History Department    
Split Rock Split Rock Split Rock
Frank Snyder, photo    

 Split Rock, on the Ohio River, near the mouth of Wolper Creek
Postmarked Lawrenceburg, Ind., 1912.  to Mrs. Eugene Booth, 541 Terrace
Avenue, Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio, My Dear Nanny - All is well.  Will be up
 Saturday on the train.  Look for me at Pogues.  Have the tickets.  Lovingly, E.C.G.


Split Rock Split Rock
This late 19th Century map refers to Split Rock as “Kirby's Rocks” The Split Rock's Conservancy's contemporary map of the Split Rock location.


Split Rock Split Rock
Split Rock, c. WWI The spring at Split Rock, c. WWI  


Split Rock

Bernie and Victoria (Peggy) Schilling, at Split Rock, 1939
From a Facebook post by their daughter, Linda Schilling Mitchell


Laughry Club Laughry Club Laughry Club Laughry Club
Directly across from Split Rock was the Laughry Club - a country resort for Cincinnati elites. A short history of it is here.


A 1904 piece on Split Rock is here.

On August 19, 1906, the Courier-Journal ran a feature on Split Rock.

Shenanigans at Split Rock