Walton, Kentucky

Rouse Brothers Flour Mill, 1903
on the east side of Main, across from Needmore

Boone County. Walton: Work is progressing finely on the new mill of Rouse Brothers. 
They expect to raise the frame in a few days.  Dimensions of mill 75 feet long by 56 feet
 wide.  They will run two wheat mills and one of corn, also, a large circular saw.”
 from the Newport Local, February 6, 1879.

“If I ever met a man I didn’t like… really didn’t like… I’d give him a saw mill.” - A.M. Rouse


Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky
Doc Mullin's Gas Station Travis Dunn's  or Charley Maloney's
or Eddie Glass's,  depending on the
year in question
(between Losey's and  Mullins')


Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky
Losey's Service Station
from a facebook post by
John Denver Praither
Losey Service Station
Demolished in 1994


Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky

  This was Atkins Restaurant, Dr. Mann's Office,  Dr.  Maddox's office, 
Jack's Barber Shop,  a  vacuum cleaner store,  and more.
Just south of Model Foods, below


Model Food

Model Food
(Model Foods does not date back to horse and buggy days)
a painting by
Anneliese Wahrenburg


Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky Model Food Walton, Kentucky

            Model Food Store,  or, earlier,  Sebree's, or, still earlier, The Walton Opera House
right, Model Food owners, Charlie and Violet Praither
lower left, from a Facebook post by Emma Rich


The Frogstool Lunch Room changes hands, story here.


Janodo's Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky
1 mile south of Walton on US 25, J. & E. Lewin, proprietors
The Woodland Inn, Walton, Kentucky
Thanks to R. J. Yoder for these two images.