Walton, Kentucky 

Walton VFD fights a 1921 fire in Burlington


Walton, Kentucky

Walton, Kentucky

Walton Fire Department,
1936, A list of the folks in
the picture is here.

This new Mack Fire Truck
was bought in time to be the
featured attraction of the July,
1953 Firemen's Picnic,
Read the story here. (pdf)


Walton, Kentucky

Walton Fire Department, 1936
A list of the folks in the picture is here.

The history of the Walton Volunteer Fire Department is here.

“The people of Walton have purchased a fire engine, and will be prepared to fight fire hereafter.”
from Maysville's Daily Public Ledger, September 28, 1897


Walton Firemen Walton Firemen
1949 1949


Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky

Dedication of the New Post Office,  March 3, 1963.  Read more here.

Wilford Rice writes a history of the Walton Post office for the occasion.

Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky CCC Basketball

Here's the kitchen staff and the kitchen at the old Walton C.C.C. Camp, located where WVHS is these days at the end of Alta Vista, before School Road existed.  Walton's was Camp Bean Ridge, and was established July 17, 1935 to do soil conservation.

We asked Asa “Buddy” Rouse if he knew anyone in the pics. Here is what he told us.
Pics are from a Cathy Martin post on Facebook.  If you can put names to any of these faces, please contact me.

To find out more about what a C.C.C. camp was, try this site.


“Walton. The Post office at this place has been moved to Carley's store, and is under the supervision of S. L. Edwards.  Several parties have applied for appointment of Postmaster, the present incumbent included.  We suppose he will secure the appointment, having all the necessary qualifications.”
 from Covington's Daily Commonwealth, March 13, 1879.  The writer is being sarcastic - the postmaster was a political appointment in this era, and the incumbent was a sure thing for appointment, that being the “necessary qualification.”

Crime spree hits the post office. Twice.
Walton VFD Truck Walton VFD Walton, Kentucky
Jack Rouse built the tank, did the lettering, and took the picture. from Facebook posts by Marybeth Rouse Arthur Walton VFD, c. 1960
names here.
Walton Police Force, 1939

Walton VFD Walton VFD Truck
City Hall / Fire Station Walton Engine 303
1959 Mack B95
Greg Stapleton, photo

Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky Walton, Kentucky
City Hall Burns, August 28, 1983

City Hall, after the 1983  fire,  back and front


Walton, Kentucky

Richland Court Water Tower


Walton, Kentucky

Walton City Council, 1954

from the left, seated: Malcolm Simpson, councilman; R. M. “Coke” Hall, mayor; James W. Spencer, councilman.  back row: A. D. Yelton, city attorney; Herman Simmons, police chief; C. W. Hoffman, city clerk; Powers Conrad and John Hartman, councilman; John E. Stephenson, water works superintendent; C. G. Worthington, police judge; and Leon B. Hall, councilman. Gayle McElroy, councilman, and Edith Stephenson, tax collector were not present.  Photo  by Post's Jack Pille.


Walton incorporated as an official city in 1854. Read the Act here.

Walton incorporated as an official city in 1870. Read the Act here.

Why did the town incorporate twice? No idea.