Greendale Bracken County, Kentucky Bracken County, Kentucky Sawmill
Greendale, home of A. C.Weisbrodt, Bradford Inskeep's Sawmill, Bradford, c. 1915
from a photo in the Kentucky Explorer.

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“The editor of the Western Emigrant, published at Bradford, Ky., was lately assaulted in his own office by two ruffians, one a deputy sheriff, and during a short scuffle he had an ear bit off, and one of his eyes gouged out.  So says the Louisville Journal.” as reprinted in Richard H. Thornton's 1912 An American Glossary.


Maysville's Evening Bulletin, September 26, 1890

It's 1892, and Bradford is going to get a ferry.

The Clermont Sun, April 28, 1915


Bradford, Ky Bradford, Ky Bradford, Ky Bradford, Ky
“Our home and barn Will Carpenter at Metzgers's home, Bradford, 1919


Bradford, Ky

Making Molasses out of cane in Bradford
Search YouTube for "making molasses the old way" for all kinds of videos on this process


Maysville's Evening Bulletin, July 7, 1899

Notorious outlaw captured at Bradford. 2,000 people attended a pole-raising in Bradford, here. What's a pole raising? Your ancestors were very familiar with them. Learn more here. Bradford's Doctor Lytle refuses to make a girl an honest woman; is shot. Details here.
The Bradford School House is on the National Register of Historic Places. (pdf) Man shot on sight in Bradford feud. Bradford railroad agent gone wrong.
“Bradford, Ky., November 12. - The residence of Colonel John Preble, at Preble's Cross Roads, was totally destroyed by fire on Saturday night. Colonel Preble loses his private papers and all his household furniture. Dr. Jas. Barrett, who boards with Colonel Preble, lost all his instruments and a valuable medical library. Cause of the fire, defective flue. Loss $2,500. No Insurance” Cincinnati Enquirer, November 13, 1877
The news from the Bradford M. E. Church, here. Bradford was incorporated as a town by an act of the Kentucky General Assembly on February 10, 1866.
“John Lehman and Martin Bloch left [Bellevue] yesterday for a brief hunt at Bradford, Ky.” Cincinnati Enquirer, December 1, 1903 “Messrs. Thomas Scherlock and Theo. Jordan have just returned from a most successful hunting trip down at Bradford, Ky., where they were extended the most cordial hospitality as guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Taylor. Mr. Taylor's lands comprise a couple of thousand acres of the best shooting ground in Kentucky.” Cincinnati Enquirer, November 28, 1897 “Mr. James Taylor has returned [to Bellevue] from Bradford, Ky., where he enjoyed a three day hunt.” Cincinnati Enquirer, December 17, 1897
“That was a gay lot of the Nimrod fraternity that went up on [Covington] Councilman Ahler's boat for a hunt. The crowd was comprised of Tony Heile, Wis B. Wilson, Ben Davis, Fred Ahlers, John L. Sanford, Dick McGraw, Henry Robinson and a half a dozen others. They went to Bradford, Ky., on the Ohio River. They killed twenty-two ducks, sixty-five rabbits, eighty-three quails, twenty field larks and captured alive a few small “birds” which were served upon the boat in great style. The boys had a regular Thanksgiving dinner on the boat, and washed down the delicacies with champagne. The festive board evidently was well patronized, as the boys did not have any game when they returned.” Cincinnati Enquirer, November 28, 1890


Hotel Fire
The Clermont Sun, December 12, 1888
The Clermont Sun, January 30, 1889
Bradford ChurchWestern Christian Advocate, July 11, 1888 FireCincinnati Commercial, March 8, 1877
1937 flood
Falmouth Outlook, February 3, 1937

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