Augusta, Ky   Augusta, Ky Augusta, Ky

The Original Building of Augusta College
The First Established Methodist College in the World,
Chartered by the Kentucky Legislature, December 7,
1822; this building erected 1825, burned down in 1856.

This item about the college
appeared in the Boston Recorder
and Telegraph
of Jan. 20, 1826.

The College sat in the block between Bracken and Frankfort Streets, and Third and Water (Riverside) Streets


“A reunion of the students of Augusta College will be held at Augusta on the 17th inst. This college was chartered December 7, 1823, and is said to been the first Methodist college in the world. The building was destroyed by fire, January 29, 1852, and about the same time the Legislature repealed the charter on account of the anti-slavery speeches of its president, Joseph S. Tomlinson, D. D. The orator of the day will be William H. Wadsworth LL. D, of the class of 1842.” Courier Journal, November 8, 1880

(The building burned in 1852, and burned down in 1856. Both dates above are correct.)

Rev. C. David Fultz' History of Methodism (pdf) is mostly about Augusta.

The College's Literary Society was established in 1837

The school's charter was repealed in 1849.

The 1880 Re-Union of the College.(pdf)

The full text of Walter H. Rankins' book, Augusta College, Augusta, Kentucky, First Established Methodist College 1822-1849 is online in its entirety at this site.

The College is on the National Register of Historical Places. The NRHP application has pictures, a history, and maps. (pdf)

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Augusta, Ky

Augusta Basketball  Team

Augusta, Ky Augusta, Ky Augusta, Ky
1897 1910 1947


Augusta, Ky

c. 1906


Augusta, Ky  

(The 1937 Flood came to the center of the first floor windows)


Augusta, Ky Augusta, Ky Augusta, Ky
High School, Augusta Augusta High School Public School, Augusta


Augusta, Ky Augusta, Ky

Augusta High School, 1947

Augusta School Burns, c. 1906

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A brief look at the history of Augusta Schools is here.

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Augusta, Ky

The Augusta Female College, or, after 1863, the Augusta
Male and Female College.  The building was erected in the 1850's.

It was established in 1837.

The Republican School was started in 1839.


Augusta, Ky

Augusta College Students???
This image is from the Bracken County Historical Society, and is among
a lot of other old Augusta items.  It's presumed to be Augusta.  If you can
 identify it for sure, please let us know.  You can email us here.


Augusta, Ky Augusta, Ky

Dormitory, First Methodist College in the World, Augusta, Kentucky

A legal case about a cow turns into a debate about the rights of African-Americans in Bracken schools.

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