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Bellevue, Kentucky Bellevue, Kentucky
Poplar Street School,
Bellevue, 1917
Poplar Street School,
Bellevue, 1908


Center Street School Center Street School
Center Street School, c. 1907


Bellevue School Bellevue, Kentucky Bellevue, Kentucky Bellevue, Kentucky

High School Building, Bellevue, built in 1902.
Converted to a grade school in 1931 when the building below
opened, it was replaced by Grandview Elementary.

This Bellevue High School is on the National Register of Historic Places. The application (pdf) contains
lots of images, history, and architectural details. From 1983.


Bellevue, Kentucky Bellevue, Kentucky

Bellevue High School

Bellevue High School
opened in 1931


James R. Tully's 1941 Master's Thesis was on the history of the Bellevue Schools.  Excerpts from it are here.

Bellevue excerpt from Mary Lee Caldwell's History of Education of Campbell County


Bellevue, Kentucky

Sacred Heart School
Division and Taylor

Bellevue, Kentucky Bellevue, Kentucky
Driver's Ed at Bellevue High School, 1955 On Center St., across from the Bellevue
High School, 1955, at Jack Von Bokern's store
from the left, Gus Franklin, Ben Flora, Jr.,
James Slater, Buddy Swager, Bob Bradford,
Dave Hake, Charles Georgi.


Conservation club

Bellevue Conservation Club, c. 1950's. Partial key.


Bellevue, Kentucky Bellevue, Kentucky
We believe this is the 1929 Bellevue High
School Team, because we found the pic in
the Bellevue High School Yearbook.  So
why do the uniforms day "Bell-Day?"  Don't know . . .
Bellevue Junior High
Band, 1929