Campbell County, Kentucky

The Steamer Magnolia's boiler exploded
on March 18, 1868 near Brent, Kentucky. 
Nearly 70 people lost their lives.  This site has the story.
Days before the Magnolia was destroyed, a Maysville paper ran this.
Another item on the Magnolia Disaster.

Campbell Frill Line

Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky
These are paintings by Brent's Thomas Jefferson Willison who was born in Brent, to a prosperous middle-class family. Willison spent his early years working as a salesman for his father's lumber company, where the young Harlan Hubbard had a studio. Willison studied art in nearby Cincinnati during the Duveneck years. He is noted for his intimate landscapes of the countryside in the Miami and Ohio river valleys. Locations of the scenes depicted in these paintings are not known to us.


Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky Brent, Ky
These are Campbell County paintings by Harlan Hubbard.  On the left is At Brent, and in the center is Campbell Hills.  Both are oils from 1928.   That's his painting of Brent, Ky, from 1937 on the right. While Hubbard lived the early part of his life in Campbell County, he spent most of his life in Trimble.  NKYViews has more on Hubbard on our Trimble County Links and Miscellany page, here.


Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky
Hoop-De-Do at
Phoenix Grove
Wing Dike,
October 31, 1909
1888 Map Showing
Dike location & shape.
Phoenix Barbecue

Phoenix Grove
Read all about these four images here.


Combs-Hehl Combs-Hehl Bridge
Combs-Hehl Bridge
From a Facebook posts by George Smed Jr.

The Combs-Hehl Bridge is named for former Governor Bert Combs (Wikipedia) and former
Campbell County Judge Lambert Hehl (Wikipedia).


Brent Depot

Brent Depot


Brent, KY

A Harlan Hubbard wood print of Brent

The Hubbard's lived in Brent from October of 1944 until December 22, 1946, at which time they set off down the river in that boat you see being built on the shore. More on Hubbard at our Trimble County Miscellany page.


Campbell County, Kentucky Campbell County, Kentucky
On the ferry at Brent An elephant, bathing in
 the Ohio in 1909, at
Brent, Kentucky
History of the Brent Ferry.  
The University of Illinois has an audio recording of Johnny Lawhead [sic], ferry operator, and Emory Edgington, captain, each discussing their riverboat experiences. Lawhead discusses his ferry operation between Coney Island (near Cincinnati) and Brent, Kentucky. Edgington recalls experiences with steamboats, towboats, coal hauling, and weather on Ohio rivers. Interviews by John Knoepfle, 1957.

Campbell Frill Line

“A longtime source of cheap johnboats was Nelson's Planing Mill in Brent, Kentucky (near Cincinnati).  From the 1940's through the 1960's, they sold unpainted johnboats out of their plant for one dollar per linear foot.”from Jens Lund's Flatheads & Spooneys: Fishing for a Living in the Ohio River Valley, 1995.


Brent, Ky

G. G. Grimm and Sons in Brent
from a Facebook post by Charles DeMoss


Aerial Lock and Dam #35
Aerial of Dam #36 at Brent, 1933. Coney Island in the foreground
from a Facebook post by Kurt Hultquist
  Lock and Dam #36

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