melbourne, ky

Melbourne, Kentucky

E. B. Peipho Carriage Company, Melbourne

“To complete [The Maysville Carriage Company's] stock of first-class livery turnouts for the summer, they have purchased, from the Melbourne (Ky.) carriage works (John Miller & Co., proprietors) three fine vehicles, viz: one fine pleasure wagon, one nice piano-box buggy, best make, and last, but not least, one of the latest design tan phaetons,  The running gear of this phaeton is painted prim rose, yellow striped, with fine and wide carmine lines.  The trimmings are maroon leather, and the mountings are nickel plated.  The design is intrely [sic] new and very handsome.” from the Maysville Evening Bulletin, June 14, 1894


Buggy Factory


Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky
Picturesque Hills, Ohio
 River, Melbourne
Aerial View of
Melbourne, c. 1910
Melbourne Fire Department
(right, 1942 Orens Fire Truck)


Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky Post Office
Public School and Methodist
 Church, Melbourne
US Post Office and 12 Mile
Turn Pike, Melbourne
  Post Office
Methodist Church history.      


Hatchery Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky
Four Mile Hatchery
from a Facebook post by Joe Zink
Some Acquaintances in
Melbourne, c. WWI
Jim Minshall, in front of
 the Melbourne Fire House


Melbourne, 1937

Lower 8 Mile, in the 1937 Flood
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Greis Residence


Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky

Sisters of Divine Providence
Provincial House, St. Anne Convent


The Catholic Telegraph, September 17, 1908

Provincial House dedicated, 1919.

“Lillie and Mary Fitzpatrick, aged 15 and 13, escaped from a Convent at Coldspring, Ky., Sunday, and were later held at the Place of Detention at Cincinnati until their father, James Fitzpatrick, a Cynthiana stonemason, was heard from.  They ran away from the school because of ill treatment.”  from Maysville's Daily Public Ledger, September 7, 1905


Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky Melbourne, Kentucky
Organ Screen, Chapel of
 the Sacred Heart, St. Anne
Convent, Melbourne
Transept, Chapel of the
 Sacred Heart, St. Anne
 Convent, Melbourne
Chapel, Providence
House,  St. Anne Convent

A little background on the convent's founder is in the second half of this web page.

The Rev. Paul Ryan's History of the Sisters of Divine Providence is here.


Maysville's Evening Bulletin, December 16, 1889

Melbourne, Kentucky St. Philips School St. Philip's
St. Philip's Catholic Church and Parish
St. Philip's School A Caroline Williams sketch of St. Philips

The first service at St. Philip's was May 16, 1910. The rectory was built in 1912. And the '37 flood made it just to, and not over, the top of the top front step of the church. The story of the dedication.
St. Philip
The Catholic Telegraph, September 17, 1908

The Rev. Paul Ryan's History of St. Philip's Church in Melbourne is here.

A second history of the church is here.


Melbourne, Kentucky
This one's a puzzler.  The jerseys say MILBOURNE. There is a Milbourne in the USA, in Pennsylvania, but it looks to be pretty flat.  On the other hand, the back says “Louis Fillhardt's Team,” and the 1900 Census has one and only one man by that name in the USA, and he lives in Campbell County, Kentucky, not Pennsylvania.  Our guess - emphasize:  guess - is that the name of the town was more casually spelled, or they simply misspelled the name, and it really is Kentucky.  That hill in the back on the right kinda looks like Melbourne, doesn't it?  It's a long shot. If you can shed any light, please contact us.
Louis Feilhardt shot in a quarrel over a baseball game.


Bregel Grove
The Catholic Telegraph, August 7, 1930


Otto Good

Otto Good, longtime mayor of Melbourne, 1970
Good's History of Melbourne is here.
from a Facebook post by Barbara Sparks Rawe


In 1912, Melbourne citizens petition to become an official town.

They elect trustees.

Then they decide to drop the whole thing.


“Oct. 31. - The Rev. D. W. Howell, of Louisville, State secretary of Baptist missionary work, officiated today at the dedication here of the new $20,000 Baptist church. Twelve societies from surrounding towns came to help in the celebration. The Rev. W. J. Mahoney, C. D. Grizze and D. B. Jolly took part in the speaking at the dedicatory service.” Courier-Journal, November 1, 1909
“The new Fairgrounds at Melbourne, Ky., recently erected by the Newport Driving and Fair Association, have been completed and are now open.  Many owners of fine horses are already taking advantage of the track for their trotters.  The new grand stand is under way and will be completed in a short time.” from the Maysville Public Ledger, June 4, 1909 An account of the Melbourne Sunday school picnic, featuring the Foster Cornet Band, and  is here.
6,000 attend a political rally in Melbourne. Melbourne threatens to form a vigilante squad to deal with rowdy railroad workers.
The Rev. Ryan's History of SS. Peter and Paul, near California, is here. An anonymous history of Melbourne.

Ohio River speed record set in Melbourne.